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Friday, May 11, 2012

Guest Blog on Who Should Write Our Story?

Guest Blog on

Today I had the honor to guest blog on once again! is one of my favorite Family Tree websites. It's interactive nature is very conducive to connecting and collaborating with distant relatives. They are great at making genealogy fun! The Geni Tree has 62,000,000 profiles!!! Almost 40,000 people follow Geni on Facebook. Today, I shared with this large following my passion for recording personal stories. Have you ever thought about writing your own story? Is something holding you back? Maybe you should think again?

Check out my post: Who Should Write Our Story and join my Memoir writing challenge! Inspired by my a great group of women in my book club and Lisa Genova's book Still Alice. 

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  1. Great post, Smadar. You make some excellent points on writing your own history as well as that of your ancestors! Of course, I'm totally into the story angle, myself, so your thoughts resonate here.

    When you mentioned your ancestor who was instrumental in the establishment of the modern state of Israel, my instant reaction was to encourage you to be sure to record everything you can, in a publicly-accessible place, about him. I, too, have an ancestor who was a key figure in the formation of the state of Florida, and yet there is precious little written about him. I consider it one of my missions to change that.

  2. Hi Jacqi,
    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I think as genealogist we are so focused on our ancestors, that we forget sometimes to record our own life in the way we wish they left their lives recorded for us. My ggm's memoir reminds me of that everyday and forces to spend a portion of each day, doing exactly that. Write my own story!

    As for my grandfathers role in the formation of Israel ( ) it's true. So many people worked so hard, gave their lives or more important leadership roles, that he really minimized his part in it, and I am only grasping it now. Will you share a link to your ancestors role in the formation of the state of Florida. I'm sure my readers would be interested!


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