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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Digging Into The Past Is Not Always Easy

On Sunday, I had arrived at my destination, parked my car, but remained glued to the seat. I was listening to NPR and did not want to miss the end of the report. Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, This American Life, is a one hours show. Twenty minutes into the tale of American's most famous kidnapping of 1912, I had to tear myself away and join the group of little league parents cheering their boys. The high scoring game, was great and thanks to the power of the internet, I was able to hear the rest of the show as well as share it with all of you. It's an the amazing story of Bobby Dunbar, told by his granddaughter, Margaret Dunbar Cutright. Like me, she embarked on a genealogical journey, which took her to places she never expected. In this radio clip, she describes how and what she learned, much better than I could do.    
I look forward to reading the book: A Case for Solomon:

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