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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday's Faces From the Past: Goldie and Bobby Rosenbaum

It's Friday and time for another orphan photo in the new series Faces From the Past.

A New Year's resolution has infused energy into my sorting and archiving photos project! This week, I've revisited many great and forgotten photos. This particular stand out snap shot is this week's pick.

Labeled on the back: Goldie and Bobby Rosenbaum and niece 1917
I love this photo! It's part of my great-grandmother Minnie's oldest album. The sheer size of the image caught my attention. It's an 8x10. Most of the photos Minnie had from that time period, especially the enlargements, are formal portraits. This one, is a snapshot of a woman on the beach. I love the white dress she is wearing and how it's blowing in the wind. All three are a bit dressed up for the beach, as if they were at a wedding or some special event near the beach. The must have grabbed their coats and went outside, braving the wind for this priceless kodak moment.

The first question is who is Goldie Rosenbaum? Which actually needs to be broken down into two questions: 
  1. Which one is Goldie, the woman or the little girl? 
  2. Who was Goldie Rosenbaum and is she related to my family or was she a friend of Minnie.
The inscription in the back is quite misleading. At first glace, it appears that Bobbie and Goldie are the kids and the niece must be the woman. Yet, it makes no sense. It's much more likely the woman is the aunt. If she is the aunt, she must be Goldie Rosenbaum. Either way, the little boy is Bobby while the little girl probably the niece. If the woman is Goldie, an aunt, than Bobbie is her nephew or her son and who ever wrote the inscription did not know the name of his cousin or sister, Goldie's cute niece.

The date is also very important. Minnie had not met her husband William Bloomfield in 1917 and therefore it's most likely that Goldie is either a relative of Minnie's or a friend. There is a chance that this photo came from William's collection (which Minnie added to hers and kept safe for so many years), therefore I can no discard that the possibility that she is a Bloomfield/Pomerantz cousin either. 

It's possible that Rosenbaum is Goldie's married name which makes it harder to identify on my tree. Luckily, Goldie is not a common name, and is only one Goldie on the tree. She lives in New York and is too young and not a Rosenbaum. On my tree there are Rosens, Rosenblooms, Rosenzweig and Rosenbergs but no Rosenbaums. So despite some clues and an inscription in the back, this photo remains orphaned. 

Photo defectives, genealogy members and Rosenbaums out there, can you help deliver this image to it's rightful owner, the descendants of Goldie and Bobby Rosenbaum and niece?

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