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Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's Faces from the Past: Harrison

Technically, it's still my wedding anniversary week. On Tuesday, to celebrate, I posted The wedding photo challenge has received much attention from my genealogy friends, and was selected as one of +Jana Last Follow Friday-Fab Finds today!  Genealogists and relatives alike, are having fun looking back at their ancestors' wedding photos and have been submitting them to the contest. For those who were wondering Jaime and I did celebrate with a lovely romantic dinner at a new french restaurant in town. We had a great evening! It seems appropriate therefore, to share this orphan photo as this Friday's Faces from the Past post.

Featured this week, is the Harrison family. According to the label on the back of this studio portrait, the Harrisons were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in New York. The year, 1935? was scribbled in a different color and to the side.

Harrisons 25th Wedding Anniversary
New York,  c1935?

Who are the Harrisons? I've never heard of them. Why did Minnie have this large 8"x10"print in her album? Were they Harrisons dressed for a large anniversary party or did the dress for the formal portrait? Did Minnie and William Bloomfield go to the party, or did the Harrisons send them the photo?  Did Mr. Harrison give the mother of his sons the huge bouquet or was it a prop in the photographer's studio? I doubt they were are relatives of mine. The name  Harrison is not one of the scores of last names on our tree. So who were they?

Another reason to share this photo today, is that I have exhausted all my tricks to try and track down a Harrison family in the New York area around 1935. Unfortunately, Harrison is a very common name, and I'm stumped. Can you help me identify this brood? Are you researching the Harrison surname? I know many of you are astute photo detectives. I would love to hear your ideas or comments regarding this week's mystery faces from the past.

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