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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wedding Photo Challenge!

Do you have wedding photos of your ancestors? How far back can you trace weddings on your family tree? Today, I invite you to join Jaime and I in celebrating our wedding anniversary by taking my Wedding Photo Challenge!

Jaime and I
Jan 15, 1994
Mexico City, Mexico
Today my husband and I are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary! Nineteen is an impressive but boring kind of number. Last year was our "Chai", our 18th anniversary. In Jewish tradition, Chai, which means life, hold a special meaning. We made a big deal of our Chai-versary! Next year will be our 20th or Platinum anniversary, which promises to be an even bigger shindig (Jaime, are you reading? I'm expecting something big!). Nineteen carries the risk of being overlooked. I thought I'd celebrate by surrounding myself with wedding photos from the past. I love wedding photos! The couples look beautiful, happy and hopelessly smitten! Travelling back in time through wedding photos is a lot of fun. Styles of clothing have certainly changed, but the couples are at the height of their youth and are so excited to embark on the rest of their lives.

Are you ready to take the Wedding Photo Challenge? 

It's easy! I'll start and share my own wedding photo (Can you believe that veil. It did look beautiful at the time, I promise!) and follow with photos of Jaime and my ancestors on their wedding day, going as far back as I can.

All you have to do is submit your own ancestors photographic wedding timeline. Share your photos on your blog or on Stored Treasures' facebook page or +Stored Treasures +Google page' +Google page, or any of your other favorite photo sharing networks (there are so many Pinterest, tumblr, Instagram...!). Just post me a link as a comment on the comment section bellow, send me a tweet, post on facebook, share on +google etc. You can also e-mail me the photos if you would rather and I will post them for you! Be sure to include names, dates and location if you have them. And  most importantly, have fun!

As an incentive (if you need one), there will be a prize! The person with the most photos in their wedding photo timeline will get a free copy of Stored Treasures!

Jaime's parents dancing at the wedding.
Raquel and Roberto Belkind
Mexico City, Mexico

My Parents
Barbara and Arieh Lavi
May 30, 1967
Kibbutz Tel Yitzchak, Israel

Jaime's paternal grandparents
Bertha and Jose Belkind
Dec 19, 1937
My Maternal Grandparents
Morris and Ethel Bogdanow
October 4, 1942

I hope you guys can do better and find more than four ancestors wedding photos. Even though I've been collecting family photos for quite some time, I only have these four from the actual wedding day.

I could use some help collecting more wedding photos. Cousins and family members, if you are thinking of a gift for my 20th anniversary I'll tell you what I would love! Can you guess? Yes, I would love to add photos to this time line! So dig into your old photo boxes and see if you can find a hidden treasure and send it my way! Wedding photo of anyone on our family tree will make my day, so keep them coming!

Thanks for celebrating with me!

The call photos from cousins worked! Late last night, I received an e-mail with a photo that belongs in my timeline. I'm adding it here at the bottom of this post, making it the 5th wedding photo in mine and Jaime's wedding photo timeline.

Anita and Salomon Gerson
May 23, 1943
Mexico City
Several of you have e-mailed me to ask about a deadline for submitting your photos. To participate in the challenge and be eligible to win a copy of Stored Treasures, please submit your photos by January 31, 2013. Feel free to submit photos after that. It's a fun exercise and well worth doing!


  1. Happy Anniversary Smadar! Your wedding photo is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Jana! Do you have vintage wedding photos in your collection?


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