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Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Faces From The Past: A Bicycle & A Boy

This photo may belong in a Wordless Wednesday series, except I don't have such a series on my blog and today is Friday.

Unlike previous photographs I've posted, this one comes without clues. A truly orphan photo form my great-grandmother Minnie's album. The beauty of this vintage shot speaks for itself!

What do you guys think? I just love this little boy's pose, the right leg raised high on the step and his arm resting comfortably on his legt. The bike is clearly too large to be his. I love his knickers, boots and especially the little hat. Unfortunately the photo is neither labeled nor dated. It may belong to the Kranowitz clan from New Brighton, Connecticut, since it sits next to their photos in an old album. I tried to preserve the order of the album as I found it, but I can not be sure that the photos are in the same place Minnie placed them, and therefore I can not assume this little boy is related to the Kranowitz's. It's quite possible this photo slipped into their page years later.

I'm stumped and open to suggestions!

Have a great day and enjoy the snow, if you are in the East Coast! Stay safe and warm!


  1. Your intro today made me smile, Smadar!

    As for the photograph, you have quite a challenge there. The picture, while charming, is well framed, letting no other clues into the scene. And even if it did come from the Kranowitz family, who's to say it wasn't a photograph they received of someone else's family?

    I don't know if styles of bicycles can be dated. Clothing certainly can help estimate the date. Perhaps your only option in identifying this little guy would be to see if any members of your extended family remember him.

    Good luck as you circulate that photograph!

  2. Thanks Jacqui. You are right on the money. My biggest hope that a Kranowitz relative might find another photo of this little boy or maybe a labeled version of this same photo!
    Thanks for stopping by and for the comment!

  3. I love the pose, also, and I'm "measuring" his legs to see if he really might be able to handle that bike. If he stretched to his toes. I know he'd want to be able to handle it! I'll bet there is someone out there who could date bicycles, but it's not me. Between the bicycle and especially the clothes, you might be able to get an approximate time period. Good luck, and thank you for this post!

    1. Mariann,
      He does look like he would love to be able to ride that bike, doesn't he? I'd love an expert opinion on the bike and the clothes. I'm guessing 1915-1925, but that's really a feel from the rest of the photos in the album and not an expert opinion. Hopefully someone will drop by and share their insight!
      Thanks for stopping by and the comment!


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