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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Women's History Month Day 2: Fearless Females: Third Great-Grandmother!

Tzvia Pomerantz (Friedman)
1850-May 7, 1926 
Today's assignment: select a photo of one of my female ancestors, describe who is in the photo and why I selected this photo.

This was a tough assignment. How do I choose one photo out of hundreds. Then I recalled the photo of Tzvia Pomerantz (Friedman) my third-great-grandmother.

Here is how she is related to me:

my mother →  Ethel Girly Bogdanow (Bloomfield) her mother →
William Bloomfield her father →
Freida Toby Bloomfield (Pomerantz) his mother →
Tzvia Pomerantz (Friedman) her mother.

I've been in possession of the digital copy of this photo since October of 2009. It came to me from a Pomerantz cousin I met on He told me about a photo of our foremother he inherited from his uncle and was proudly displayed in his house. I asked him to scan it, but he was afraid to open the old frame and instead sent this image he took with a pocket camera. This remains the most remarkable photo in my collection. When I shared the photo with the some of the family elders, one admitted to having a copy in his collection, he just didn't know who the woman was in the photo.

Here is what I know about Tzvia:

  • She lived and died in Bialystok, Poland. 
  • She was the daughter of Yaakov Friedman, wife of Isaac Pomerantz and mother of nine adult children—seven daughters and two sons (Freida Toby, Jake, Fannie, Moyasha, Baila, Ida, Ethel, Esther and Morris Aaron). 
  • Tzvia has 458 known descendants.
I'm curious, how many of you have seen a photo of your third great-grandmother? I feel quite lucky to have one, flash reflexion and all. What do you guys think of her outfit?

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  1. I do not have a photograph of any of my 3rd great grandmothers. I have a photo of 1 of my 2x great grandmother's and the name of her mother. I wish I did have a photo, even with a flash.


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