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Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday's Faces From the Past: Photo Challenge

A photo challenge for the photo detectives amongst you! This jewel of a photo, arrived in Marty's surprise package a few weeks ago. Unlike the perplexing Barney photos I shared in last week's Friday's Faces From the Past: Barney Bloomfield and this week in Stuggles to Identify Barney Bloomfield this photo is clearly labeled. But, before I reveal which of the Bloomfield brothers is in this amazing photograph, I thought give you all a chance to show your detective skills! There are enough family history clues throughout this blog which should make this weekend puzzle solvable. See if you can answer the following five question:
1. Where and when was this picture taken?
2. Which of these young musicians is a Bloomfield?
3. Which of the seven Bloomfield siblings is this?
4. How did you reach this conclusion.
5. How old is he in this picture?  
Leave your answers in the comment section and come back next week to discover who is the Bloomfield in the picture. Marty, you don't get to play! Family members who know the answer, please wait until next week to give it away.

Youth Orchestra
(Click to Enlarge)

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  1. Yikes, it's test time! OK, I'm going to guess that the young Bloomfield is the violinist, front row right. My guess is that it's Ben, Joe, or Barney. OK, just kidding. I'm going with . . . Ben. I looked at the photos in the last two posts and chose by the shape of the face and the ears. My second choice was Joe. I don't think it's Barney. I'm probably totally wrong. Wow, is there ever a strong family resemblance!


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